The Bird men and women are the one who work, run and rescued the old coffee bird. The are all important people in the days of the new Bird "FUGLEN" . This is the group behind the project.


Einar Kleppe Holthe
Former daily manager of the old bird, building up the Coffeebar over 6 years from 02 til 08 and founder of the new bird in 08. Current part owner.
Currently helping out with Fuglen on the side. Still working in the daytime for the former sister company Stockfleths coffee and tea company where he is director. Was the former daily manager of Fuglen as well, running it for the same owner as Stockfleths. In 2008 this project was launched as a rescue plan for Fuglen by Einar for the owners. where Fuglen was offered for 1 NOK.

Peppe Trulsen
Current Daily Manager of the company since 08 and part owner, manager for the Vintage Design part
The other part of the original plan for FUGLEN. The vintage design expert, running his own vintage design shop for many years. FLABBERGASTER. On question from Einar to join forces he did not blink for a second. Taking all the knowledge about this important part with him in to the company. Flabbergaster was reckoned to be the leading shop on Norwegian 50ths & 60ths design.

Halvor Digernes
Manager for the serving parts since 09 and part owner from 2010
The third part of FUGLEN and the founder of the Cocktail Bar running at the NIGHTTIME. Helping out from the very start and working for a full year establishing and introducing this third part of FUGLEN and then being partner in the end. Is now daily manager for both the coffeebar and the cocktailbar.

Fuglen Oslo

The Baristas and Bartenders at FUGLEN is also a part of the rescue project and important Bird Men and women:

The Barista team:
Fredrik, Marthine and Audun.

The Bar team:
Jana, Joakim and Pernille.

In addition to guest bartenders and baristas from all over the high quality places in Oslo. Thanks to everyone.

Fuglen Tokyo

The Baristas and Bartenders at FUGLEN is also a part of the rescue project and important Bird Men and women:

Barista team:
Genta, Yuta, Yusho, Nana, Keiya, Haruna and Ryoko.

Bar team:
Soran, Yuta, Yoko and Yusuke.

Thanks to everyone.