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Halvor from FUGLEN wins LINIE AWARD

Published: June 8, 2011, 11:47 a.m. By: fuglen, Comments: 2301

The Nordic Cocktail- championship where only Linie Aquavit is allowed to be used was won last night by Halvor. Since the very beginning of Fuglen BAR, Halvor has put his proudness in having a lot of Cocktails based on Norwegian Liqueur, amongst them, Aquavit. And after sending in a recipe on the self made composition "DANDY LION" he was picked out to represent Norway. 

And there he and his "DANDY LION" went all the way to the top.  

We are proud of him an congratulations to him and all and everyone for the Norwegian victory in Linie Awards.

The "DANDY LION" will be served from tonight and all of the weekend to come, and maybe longer. We will be there tonight and celebrate, and you are all welcome to join.

The DANDY LION Cocktail

Linie Aquavit, Dandelion root and pollen sirup, lemon, egg-white and a few drops of a Dandelion and burdock bitter. Shaken.

Light, floral and perfectly balanced towards the Linie.

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Published: April 13, 2011, 12:28 a.m. By: fuglen, Comments: 2572

GANT RUGGER has in corporation with BLENDER AGENCY chosen FUGLEN FORRETNING to be the place where they display and sell some of their spring and summer collection here in Oslo for the next three days. So pop by the shop Thursday, Friday and Saturday and check out some very nice clothing in the store next to the cafe. 

For more pics and link se full entry.

Best regards us at FUGLEN

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Wednesday Cocktails

Published: April 5, 2011, 11:09 p.m. By: fuglen, Comments: 2253

FUGLEN Cocktailbar, now also on wednesdays. From now on and in to the future.

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FUGLEN recives the MARK FOR GOOD DESIGN 2011 by NDR!

Published: March 17, 2011, 8:19 p.m. By: fuglen, Comments: 3486

Last night Fuglen was honored for its service/business design! 


As the first reciver of this category within design ever. The fact that it is the whole concept, with vision, structure, visual communication, innovations and in the end the total impression that Fuglen gives to people that is judged makes us extra proud.

We wanted to make something that represented and respected the Norwegian Design history and the history of FUGLEN it selves. And now we are marked for life and an official part of Norwegian design history our selves.  For us this can not be better.  We will celebrate all this weekend with cocktails and coffee together with Rockberry, the design company that made the logo and technical web solutions that completed  our vision of FUGLEN  together with us.

Thank you, thank you so much to them and to the Norwegian Designcouncil. 

Read the juries criterias and see pictures from the application we sent in in full entry.

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FUGLEN is the BAR of the year in Oslo 2010 according to Aftenposten

Published: Jan. 12, 2011, 9:12 p.m. By: fuglen, Comments: 5031

FUGLEN ER "Årets bar"

Quote from Aftenposten Oslo magasin OSLO PULS

Since the text is short and somewhat flattering and funny we give you all a direct translation:

"The bar of the Year"

It has rightfully been coffee- and teabusiness in the store in Pilestredet since 1963, but when Fuglen started serving cocktails in january this year, it was with love, passion and homemade cirups. Anything with fresh coconut and chilli?  Yes please! Will it take prox 30 min to make it? No problem. Hey, isn´t that Don Draper who is sitting ower there in the sofa?  Anyway the only thing we wish for now, is that it could be barnight a few more days of the week. "

See link int the full entry..

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The PM Jens Stoltenberg in MAD MEN style in VGs New Year talk

Published: Dec. 31, 2010, 11:17 a.m. By: fuglen, Comments: 6366

As mentioned in the new year news, 2010 was a great year and to sum it all up this very last day of the year our Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg wishes all and everyone a happy new year from Fuglen in the big New Year interview in VG Helg. The biggest newspaper in Norway.  It´s of course an honor to be chosen for such an event. And we wish him and all of Norway a good year to come as well. (Photo VG: Daniel Sannum Lauten).

See more pictures, link to the article and to the video of the photoshoot in the full entry.


Love from us at Fuglen. (and the Prime Minister we assume:)

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HAPPY NEW YEAR from FUGLEN, & Merry Christmas

Published: Dec. 31, 2010, 1 a.m. By: fuglen, Comments: 2909

2010 was a great year for us, and now when the Christmas vacation is coming to an end we would love to welcome you all back for coffee and tea from Monday the 3. and cocktails from Thursday the 6. We are wishing all and everyone welcome to a celebration of 2011 and all that is to come at Fuglen Saturday the 8. A new years Cocktailparty for friends and foes.

To see all that has happened, check out our blog BIRDLIFE:)

With wishes of a great year to come to all and everyone.

Love from us at FUGLEN

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Published: Dec. 22, 2010, 1:10 a.m. By: fuglen, Comments: 3447

The new room at Fuglen is finally finished. FORRETNINGEN, or the Store as it translates contains a showroom for the Vintage design objects that`s to small, fragile, rare or high in value to be put in to the busy Coffee and Cocktail Bar.

It´s also the place where the secret Cocktail recipes, Syrups and Juices are produced, the office for the managers, bartender and Barista course room, coffee cuppings, and storage. So its not only stunning. it works as well.

Welcome to have a look to all and everyone.

More pictures in the full entry.

Love us at Fuglen.

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MONOCLE and Tyler Brûlé hosted their Christmas party at FUGLEN

Published: Dec. 12, 2010, 8:11 p.m. By: fuglen, Comments: 6079

Tyler Brûlé and the rest of the Monocle team celebrated christmas and Monocles December and January issue at Fuglen last weekend. (Except for those of the Monocle team that was stuck in the snow on Heathrow Airport.)

It was great a great night for us and it seemed so also for the hostes and all the readers and contacts they had invited to celebrate with them at our small place.

Tylers visit and Fuglen has in this week been mentioned in two interesting interviews with Tyler absolutely worth reading,  Aftenposten Aften and Dagbladet FREDAG. The one in Aftenposten was about city development in  "Kvadraturen" in Oslo. And now on Friday he was this weeks profile in FREDAG. Giving you an idea what Monocle is. The picture above comes from FREDAGs Profile-page.  (thanks for that Pål) 

We are honored and happy for the visit, and very glad they chose us.

So welcome back to Tyler, the Monocle team and to all and everyone. It was great to meet you all.

Love us at Fuglen

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FUGLEN COCKTAILS Decembers DRINKS of the month in NATT & DAG

Published: Dec. 1, 2010, 5:39 p.m. By: fuglen, Comments: 2953

Two of FUGLEN cocktails, Ginger Daiquiri and The King of Denmark is recomended as Desembers drinks of the month. With big christmas smiles. What can we say but. thank you, tank you,  you´r all to kind. And we ar glad you liked it:)

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