Glass Vase by Benny Motzfeldt


Rare glass vase designed by Benny Motzfeldt while working at Plus studio early 1970s. Rough, uneven and transparent surface with metal inclusions, in excellent condition. Motzfeldt was an important innovator of art glass in Norway and her creations capture her experimental and playful style. ———— Benny Motzfeldt was, from the middle of the 1960’s and onwards, an important innovator of art glass in Norway. Motzfeldt developed a visual approach, being particularly interested in the potentials colour and light made possible by incorporating various materials in the glass. In the beginning of her time at Christiania Glassmagasin (1955), Benny mostly designed engravings to crystal gifts for Hadeland Glassverk. Motzfeldt first began solo work in 1959. The household series Benny, today a design classic, was unveiled in 1960. She received international attention for her ‘souvenir bird’ that was purchased in large numbers by the then U.S. President Lyndon B. Johnson. In the years from 1967 to 1970 Motzfeldt was the exclusive designer for Randsfjord Glassverk. From 1970 until the early 90’s she worked at the glass workshop at Plus, and until 1979 she was artistic director there. At Plus she experimented and developed her art glass, garnering international recognition.

Design history

Designer: Benny Motzfeldt
Year: 1970-1971
Maker: Plus Norway Designs


Category: Norwegian Icons
Material: Glass
Colors: Transparent Silver
Measurements: - x - x 30 CM (D x W x H)
Quantity: 18000
Style: Mid century modern Norwegian modern 1970
18000.00 NOK