Lounge Chair 'Krysset' by Fredrik Kayser


The 'Krysset' lounge chair was designed by Fredrik Kayser along with Adolf Relling in 1955 during his tenure at Rastad & Relling design office and produced by Gustav Bahus of Norway. Organically formed frame in massive teak with leather hide as back support and wool fabric seating. The chair has an exceptional modernist expression in line with the Scandinavian furniture design that is as innovative today as when it was in production. The 'kryss' chair is a symbol of Norwegian mid century design formed by one of Norway's most remarkable designers. ———— Fredrik Kayser worked as a draftsman for Rastad & Relling over two separate periods, 1945-46 and 1952-56. In 1946 he, along with Adolf Relling, designed the furniture classic Kaminstolen and in 1955 the organically shaped Kryss chair. In 1956 Kayser established his own design studio and worked freelance for several furniture manufacturers. For Viken M.belfabrikk he designed the exclusive sideboard Hertug in teak and rosewood. The last eleven years of his life saw a fruitful collaboration with Vatne Lenestolfabrikk. Several of his design classics, such as the armchair 807 and the laminated chairs 108 and 109 date from this period. The 711 armchair won Kayser first prize in the Industry Council for Furniture and Furnishing Industry chair competition in 1960. 711 is manufactured today by L.K. Hjelle, 807 by Vatne M.bler.

Design history

Designer: Fredrik Kayser
Year: 1955
Maker: Gustav Bahus


Category: Norwegian Icons
Material: Textiles Wood
Colors: Blue White Cognac
Measurements: 75 x 60 x 78 CM (D x W x H)
Quantity: 1
Style: Mid century modern Norwegian modern 1950
35000.00 NOK SOLD