'Rakettvasen' by Willy Johansson


The 'Rocket' vase or 'Rakettvasen' is one of Willy Johansson's most remarkable and original pieces that he designed at Hadeland Glassverk. Thick glass with a deep shade of green and matt outer coating, mustard yellow inner core. Willy Johansson received botrh national and international awards and earned himself status as one the most outstanding designers of art glass in Norway from the early 1950 to the late 1970s. the rocket is an excellent example of Norwegian mid century art glass. ———— Willy Johansson grew up in Jevnaker where his father Johan Wilhelm Johansson was a glass-blower. In 1947, Johansson was employed at Hadeland Glassverk where he designed both art glassware and a variety of glass tableware. At the Triennale in Milan in 1957, he was awarded the gold medal for a series of plates and bowls in art glassware. Several of Johansson’s glassware designs have become classics, including Bl.topp in light olive grey and cobalt blue. The bowl series Multe earned him the Norwegian Award for Design Excellence in 1966. Johansson revitalised moulded glass at Hadeland in the 1950’s by designing the popular serving sets Siri and Fersken.

Design history

Designer: Willy Johansson
Year: 1954
Maker: Hadeland Glassverk


Category: Norwegian Icons
Material: Glass
Colors: Green Yellow
Measurements: - x - x 17 CM (D x W x H)
Quantity: 1
Style: Mid century modern Norwegian Modern 1950
16000.00 NOK