Tripp-Trapp Chair by Peter Opsvik


The Tripp-Trapp chair was designed by Peter Opsvik in 1972 for the Norwegian furniture company Stokke Møbler AS. Wooden frame in painted pine, steel rods and leather strap, with height and depth adjustable footrest and seating area. Since its inception the chair has won numerous awards amongst them the prestigious 'Classics' award given by the Norwegian Design Counsil in 1995. The chair was also chosen to be the centerpiece of the 'Growing by design, 1900-2000, Century of the Child' 2012 exhibition at MoMA New York. The Tripp Trapp chair has since is creation in 1972 not only become a Norwegian design icon but an international representation of functional design. ———— Interior architect and furniture designer Peter Opsvik is Norway’s most renowned furniture designer nationally as well as abroad. He was attentive to ergonomics from a very early stage, and developed several children’s chairs that caught a lot of attention in the early 1970’s. His breakthrough was in 1972 with the adjustable Tripp Trapp chair for children, which seat and footing can both be adjusted as the child matures. With Tripp Trapp, every child was able to be seated around a table on its own premises, just like an adult. Stokke has never stopped producing Tripp Trapp, which remains its hallmark piece. During these 41 years, more than 8 million Tripp Trapp chairs have been sold.

Design history

Designer: Petter Opsvik
Year: 1972
Maker: Stokke Møbler AS


Category: Norwegian Icons
Material: Metals Wood
Colors: Black Red
Measurements: 49 x 46 x 78 None (D x W x H)
Quantity: 1
Style: Mid century modern Norwegian modern 1970
5000.00 NOK SOLD